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Solar Air Heater 2

Solar air heaters may be built in a variety of ways and there are no specific rules for what they should look like. This particular solar heater, which is built by Tompa, forces the heated air through channels, according to the route indicated by the arrows in the picture, and it has worked very well with an increase of the outdoor temperature of up to 55°.

Solar Air heater

Solar Air heater The solar heater is built using plywood, window glass and plenty of insulation. The corrugated sheet metal is mounted vertically because the air takes a different route through this solar air heater, compared to what you’re used to seeing. The corrugated sheet metal is placed very closely to the insulation in order to force all the air to the front of the metal sheet. This solar heater has been placed over the window of the recreation room in the basement, so there was no need for knocking any holes in the wall of the house!

The frame is built from 12 mm form plywood and the back is made from 7 mm pine plywood. For insulation rock wool was used.

Solar Air heater

Solar Air heater

Inside the house, on the back of the solar heater, there is a fan with a back-draft damper (100 cubic metres/hour), complete with a variable speed control, thermostat and thermometer.


The wiring diagram of the thermostat. The temperature is regulated using the potentiometer R4.