Stolen by Swedish social services

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Stolen by Swedish social services

Inläggav PowerMizer 01 feb 2011 14:35

It has been over a month since Natalya, a Russian citizen living in Sweden, has seen her twin girls Masha and Nelly.
“My children are in someone else’s hands…they were stolen…I don’t know what’s happening with them or how they’re being treated,” says their mother Natalya Petrova.

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But according to the family lawyer Jenny Beltran, nothing illegal was done.
“It is considered legal because the law, it's a protection law, protection for the children. So it means that even if there is a slightest risk, even if there is no evidence, sort of there are no witnesses, there is nothing, but there is a risk of something happening, then the law, the social workers within the law are able to take the child to a social office and take them away from the family,” says Beltran.

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“Sweden is a consensus country and people are not prone to speak up against the consensus they are very quiet in this way…the consensus is that the state is always right,” says Professor of international law, Jacob Sundberg.

He is Persona non grata in Sweden for his outspoken views on the system.
Sundberg says social services can take children away using their own criteria by working together with doctors, psychologist and lawyers…all wrapped up in a big business.
“Say you have six foster children, well you can make a fortune,” Sundberg explains.

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